Here's How to Use Time-Based Offers to Fill Empty Tables

  • TBO- Time Based Offers
  • Credit Card is the Coupon
  • Free Advertising 24-7/365

The Most Expensive Table is an Empty One

What if you could take back the control of the flow of traffic into your restaurant? What if you could entice more diners to enter your restaurant? 

Staffing Challenges? Dinefits is Here to Help!

With staffing shortages across the world, we understand that retaining and hiring a team proves to be a challenge, especially in the restaurant industry. Dinefits is here to lend a helping hand to assist you with your staffing challenges.

Benefits of Dinefits for Restaurateurs

Dinefits is here to lend a helping hand. Our service is free to use for all Restaurants- only pay when customers redeem offers and transact in your store, buy takeout, or order delivery.

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