Staffing Challenges? Dinefits is Here to Help!

You have heard it time and time again, running a restaurant is hard. And it’s true. Expanding your business relies heavily on streamlined processes and operations which are achieved by the help of a team of qualified workers. With staffing shortages across the world, we understand that retaining and hiring a team proves to be a challenge, especially in the restaurant industry. Dinefits is here to lend a helping hand to assist you with your staffing challenges.

Imagine that you could provide a steadier stream of traffic for your employees. Dinefits gives you the control of your incoming flow of traffic. Not only will this make your current employees happy but it will encourage them to recommend working at your restaurant because they are busy and making money!

With Dinefits, not only will you have the opportunity to retain your current staff and attract new staff, but you will also be able to provide an enhanced dining experience to your customers by having a great team representing your restaurant. 

The Dinefits service is free. You only pay when Dinefits diners use a linked card at a member restaurant- including takeout and in-house delivery (no third-party delivery apps).