Benefits of Dinefits for Restaurateurs

Our service is free to use for all Restaurants- only pay when customers redeem offers and transact in your store, order takeout, or order in-house delivery(no third-party delivery apps) .

Here are the benefits:

Take Control of Your Incoming Traffic- 

Let’s say it has started to rain during the early evening, leading to a huge reduction in foot traffic. You still have your crew there and scheduled for the next few hours. Instead of sending people home, go onto and create a flash offer (must be 20% or more cashback). The flash offer will be immediately sent out to Dinefits' network of local Diners. Diners are savvy and know that flash offers provide a big cashback incentive, motivating them to change their plans for the night.

Retaining Your Staff- 

Imagine that you could provide a steadier stream of traffic for your employees. Dinefits gives you the control of your incoming flow of traffic. Not only will this make your current employees happy but it will encourage them to recommend working at your restaurant because they are busy and making money!

Keeping Your Tables Full-

Cashback offers help to get more diners in the door and it will also encourage other diners who are not a part of our program to stop in and see what all of the buzz is about.

Increased Exposure- 

Dinefits will highlight and drive traffic to your restaurant, especially during the slower times.