Frequently Asked Questions for Diners

FAQ for Dinefits Diners

Q: How much does Dinefits cost?

A: Dinefits is FREE!- There are no Membership fees.

Q: Which Restaurants are included?

A: You can see a list of our participating restaurants HERE or simply go to the homepage and participating restaurants near you will show up based upon your current location, provided that you have location services enabled.

Q: How do I find the best deals?

A: The Homepage and the Discover page both default to highest cashback amount first.

Q: What are “FLASH OFFERS”?

A: Flash offers are great instant deals that restaurants will offer for cashback of 20% or more! These are typically last-minute deals with BIG cashback. You can opt to receive these offers via SMS text message or email in settings

Q: What happens when I pay my tab?

A: You will receive your tab exactly the same way you always do. Pay your usual generous tip and simply the credit card you linked to your Dinefits account. The only person that will know you are earning cashback is you, unless you brag to your friends about it.

Q: How often can I use it?

A: There is no limit to your usage. 

Q: Why does Dinefits need my CC info?

A: The credit card information is needed in order to monitor and identify qualifying transactions at participating restaurants. It is how Dinefits is able to automate the cashback program. Dinefits never sees your credit card info. When you link your credit card, it is through an independent and accredited PCI compliant third-party. Dinefits will never charge Diners a fee or charge your card. 

Q: Does this program support my local restaurants?

A: YES! Dinefits empowers restaurants with the ability to provide cashback to diners in exchange for coming during their slower times. This allows for steadier income for servers and restaurant staff. Also, Dinefits charges much less than what other third-party delivery apps and other marketing services do. That means your local restaurant gets to offer you savings and still get to retain more of the revenue vital to their success.

About Dinefits

Dinefits is a card-linked cashback reward program for diners. This program is FREE for Diners and never requires coupons, barcodes, or secret passwords. Dinefits will never charge Diners a fee or charge your card.