Dinefits- Featured on Bay News 9

Dinefits was Interviewed by Nick Popham from Bay News 9

Bay News 9’s interest in our innovative concept provided us the opportunity to have a feature on their website. And the best part- we hosted the interview at the location of one of our Restaurant Partners- The Oyster Bar. A little bit about The Oyster Bar- primary mission is to offer the freshest seafood, quality meat, and poultry to its patrons. That’s right, they have something for everyone. 

At Dinefits, it is our focus to highlight and uplift the restaurants in the Tampa Bay Area and we are able to do so with the creation of our new Cashback Restaurant Rewards Program. The first of its kind, our program utilizes time-based rewards to encourage dining during slow times- when restaurants need it most.   


When Nick Poppham stopped by the iBuyXS office last month for an interview about Florida’s fastest growing business, he also learned that the owners of iBuyXS were branching out into Fintech with their new concept- Dinefits.

Dinefits Bay News 9

More About Dinefits:

For Restaurateurs, they are able to intelligently control foot traffic and takeout orders to their restaurant with no slow-down at their POS and no training required. Diners pay their full tab first, which means no diminished tips to servers. After completing a transaction with their linked credit card, Diners can track their cashback rewards on their Dinefits Diner Dashboard. 

Restaurateurs- Learn More Here

For Diners, they are able to earn Cashback Rewards just by dining out. No coupons, barcodes- nobody needs to know but you, unless you want to brag about it. Just pay your tab, leave your usual generous tip, and then reap the rewards.

Diners- Learn More Here