New Cashback Rewards Dining Program

Dinefits Cashback Rewards Program

Earn cashback rewards at some of the best restaurants in town.

Here's How:

  • Register and link your card
  • Pay with your linked card at a participating Dinefits restaurant
  • Earn cashback on qualified transactions

You can earn cashback every time you dine! Simply register here, link your credit card, then go to the discover page to browse all the great local offers. When you go to a participating restaurant and pay your tab during the rewards window you earn up to 25% or more cashback! Just pay with your linked card and the rest is automatic.

No coupons, barcodes, nobody needs to know but you- unless you want to brag about it. Just pay your tab, leave your usual generous tip, and then reap the rewards.

Ask your favorite restaurants to join so you can support them and earn cashback while doing so!

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