NEW! The Twisted Indian | Modern Indian Cuisine on Central Ave

About The Twisted Indian 

Lokesh Vale is the owner and founder of The Twisted Indian. Unsurprisingly, he has a solid culinary background.

Vale studied culinary arts in India and the states. No wonder why he was able to expertly curate a menu that highlights traditional Indian flavors while incorporating familiar ingredients and vessels.

Moreover, Vale’s journey began with The Twisted Indian Food Truck. It became wildly popular at St. Pete’s Saturday Morning Market. Consequently, Vale opened a pop-up shop in St. Pete’s ever-popular Baum Ave Market, but Vale had an even bigger vision in mind. 

Ultimately, the ambitious entrepreneur opened a permanent physical location! The Twisted Indian brick-and-mortar made its debut on Grand Central Ave, Spring 2022. 

Want to learn more about Vale’s journey? Check out his interview with St. Pete Foodies

The Twisted Indian Menu

South Asian cuisine is known for being flavorful, spicy, and rich. The Twisted Indian is no exception. This trendy quick-service restaurant puts a modern spin on your favorite traditional Indian foods! They also offer a selection of local and imported beers!  

The Twisted Indian


Enjoy flavorful Indian dishes with modern twists, such as Naanwiches and Bollywood Bowls! Equally delicious vegan and gluten-free options are also available!

Twisted Indian Bollywood Bowl

Entrees & Sides

The most popular item on their menu is the Naanwich. This sandwich features a buttermilk naan with your choice of masala or korma on a fresh bed of spinach, topped with tangy slaw, yogurt raita, and fresh cilantro. Mm-mm-mm! 

Additionally, the Sidewinder Chat Fries are wildly popular. These fluffy, potato spirals are fried to perfection, then topped with mozzarella and the same quartet of toppings mentioned above.

The Twisted Indian also offers plant-based, gluten-free, and vegetarian options!  

View the full menu here! 

Beer & Beverages

Want to try authentic, imported Indian beer? Enjoy a refreshing bottle of Taj Mahal Premium Lager with your meal. Or, have a local beer from 3 Daughters or Green Bench Brewing. 

This Grand Central restaurant also offers a special smoothie called a Lassi. The origins of this delicious, yogurt-based drink can be traced back to ancient Punjabi culture! Enjoy one today in their signature mango flavor. 

Naanwich from Twisted Indian

How to Find The Twisted Indian 

The Twisted Indian is conveniently located at 2639 Central Avenue. You can’t miss the red bagh-print logo on its windows. 

Whether you’re longing for traditional Indian flavors or modern influences, The Twisted Indian has something for everyone. 

Yogi Fries Twisted Indian

There’s so much to explore on Grand Central.

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